Couple at Number 9
by Douglas, Claire

When, while renovating her grandmother Rose's cottage, she uncovers the remains of two bodies, pregnant Saffron Cutler must protect Rose who suffers from Alzheimer's from a murder inquiry, plunging her life in danger as she tries to piece together what Rose knows.

Every house has its secrets, but not every house has skeletons in its yard. When pregnant Saffron Cutler is gifted a cottage that belonged to her grandmother, she is happy to be out of the city and in a quaint village in the Cotswolds. She and her partner, Tom, have begun an expansion of the kitchen, but the excavation comes to a stop when two sets of human remains are found. What happened there 30 years ago? Was her grandmother Rose involved? Rose's memory has been addled by Alzheimer's, but her ramblings lead the police to believe she was. Who was the menacing Victor she mentions? Who was Jean? Who was Sheila? Saffy's mother, Lorna, arrives and tries to piece together her memories of the toddler years she spent there. The stories of the three women play out in a shadowy narrative that is tense and compelling and often touching until the horrifying truth is revealed. This mindbender from the best-selling Douglas (Then She Vanishes, 2021) will hit the spot with fans of Fiona Barton and Paula Hawkins. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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