Animals Under the Swastika
by Mohnhaupt, J. W.; Eyck, John R. J. (TRN)

Prologue: The World behind the Wire3(9)
1 Blood Ties
2 Digestive Affinities
3 Drawing the Curtain on Larval Stages
4 Morituri
5 Raufbold
6 Not Really Stroganoff no Epilogue: Until the Last Dog Is Hung
Works Cited165(20)

Author journalist J. W. Mohnhaupt examines the literal and symbolic uses of animals by the Third Reich, looking at the use of animals as weapons, as symbols in propaganda, and in research to support racial theories. The study draws on print propaganda, schoolbooks, diaries, and journals from the period. Discussion touches on the Buchenwald Zoological Garden, guard dogs and tracking dogs, and Nazi trophy hunting. Annotation 2022 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (

J.W. Mohnhaupt is a journalist based in Magdeburg and Vienna and the author of Der Zoo der Anderen (The Zookeeper’s War). His work has appeared in Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, and PM History, among others.

John R. J. Eyck is an independent translator and scholar based in New York City.

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