Smells Like Tween Spirit
by Gelman, Laurie

"As a new Mat Mom of the Pioneer Middle School (PMS) Wrestling team, Jen Dixon finds herself thrown in the middle of the "guerrilla war against so-called perfect mothers," armed only with her cutting wit and acerbic sense of humor (New York Times Book Review). Handling a whole host of new challenges, from the dreaded seventh-grade science fair to a school fundraiser (again!), Jen faces the somewhat-terrifying new social dynamics of the wrestling moms with her trademark combination of reluctance and exceptional delivery"-

Laurie Gelman was born and raised in the Great White North. She spent twenty-five years as a broadcaster in both Canada and the United States before trying her hand at writing novels. The author of Class Mom, You've Been Volunteered, and Yoga Pant Nation, Laurie has appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Watch What Happens Live, and The Talk, among others. She lives in New York City with her husband, Michael Gelman, and two teenage daughters.

Jen Dixon is back again (after Yoga Pant Nation, 2021) for another school year of dealing with the ins and outs of parenting her adult and tween children, caring for her aging parents, her career as a spin instructor, and of course volunteering for school activities. This year, it's the wrestling team who needs her efforts, and despite initial misgivings-middle school wrestlers absolutely stink-it's not as bad as she feared it would be. However, after not-so-accidentally making an enemy of a rival mat mom, Jen finds herself set to wrestle the woman in a fundraiser. Between that and her daughters going into business together, what could go wrong? When unexpected tragedy strikes, Jen is forced to re-evaluate her priorities. Fans of the series will be thrilled to see more of Jen and the family, and newcomers will want to learn more about this quirky family. With a funny, engaging, relatable story and an realistically imperfect main character, Gelman's storytelling is fun and engaging, and she promises she's only just getting started. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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