Girl from the Channel Islands
by Lecoat, Jenny

Based on an incredible true story about a Jewish woman trapped on the German-occupied British Channel islands during World War II, this novel follows Hedy Bercu as she hides in plain sight by working as a translator for the Germans. Original. 250,000 first printing.

Hedy Bercu is scraping by, like the other residents of the Channel Island of Jersey in 1940, but her life has extra strain because she is Austrian and Jewish. Despite her attempts to lie low, she catches the eye of Lieutenant Kurt Newmann, part of the Nazi occupying forces. When Hedy is nearly caught stealing gas rations, Kurt takes the fall and the attraction becomes reluctantly mutual. As supplies are cut off from Jersey and the occupation intensifies, Kurt learns the truth about the deportation of Jews across Europe, and persuades Dorothea, the wife of Hedy's friend Anton, who has been drafted into the German army, to keep Hedy safe. Lecoat's debut is based on true events, which will make readers even more curious about the backstory and motivations of Hedy, Kurt, and the somewhat enigmatic Dorothea. The unique Channel Island setting may intrigue readers of WWII-set women's fiction, especially those who prefer a relatively gentle take on a harsh, salacious story line, as in Susan Meissner's The Last Year of the War (2019). HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: With a 250K print run and the attendant marketing plan, count on curiosity about this debut. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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