by Brown, Sandra

When Eban, the scion of a wealthy North Carolina family who brutally attacked Rebecca Pratt, leaving her on life support, gets an early release from prison, brilliant state prosecutor Kate Lennon asks former Super Bowl MVP quarterback-and Rebecca's ex-husband-to make an impossible decision for justice.

Sandra Brown is the author of seventy-four New York Times bestsellers. There are more than eighty million copies of her books in print worldwide, and her work has been translated into thirty-four languages. Four of her books have been made into films. In 2008, the International Thriller Writers named Brown its Thriller Master, the organization's highest honor. She has served as president of Mystery Writers of America and holds an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Texas Christian University. She lives in Texas.

In her latest thriller, Brown tackles a subject that's sure to be a hot-button issue for many of her readers. Zach Bridger, a former NFL star whose career collapsed, hasn't been married for the past five years. But his ex-wife, Rebecca, never changed her legal documents, which means that after Rebecca is put in a coma following a vicious attack, Zach must decide whether to keep her alive or remove her from life support. Until now he's kept her alive, out of respect for her family, but Zach has just learned that her attacker has been released from prison, and that changes everything. To put the man back behind bars, the authorities need to file a murder charge, and the only way to do that is for Zach to take Rebecca off life support. Brown has constructed a suspenseful story around a meaty premise, but the highlight here is her presentation of Zach's struggle: Can he justify sentencing his ex-wife to death in the pursuit of the man who destroyed her life? A smart, thoughtful novel. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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