by Francis, Felix

When Miles Pussett discovers something suspicious is going on in the races, something that may have a profound impact on his future, he begins a search for answers.

The New York Times, The London Sunday Times and International bestseller, acclaimed author, Felix Francis, was born in Oxford, England, son of the famous mystery author, Dick Francis and his wife, Mary Francis. Felix graduated from London University. His initial career led him into physics, where he was a successful teacher of A Level Physics. But he could not deny that his family's gift of writing had been passed along to him, and he started his second career-as an author-where he found his knowledge of physics was a great advantage. His many other accomplishments include being an expert outdoorsman, marksman and pilot. Felix Francis resides in England with his wife, Debbie, their family and two Irish Setters and a Cavapoo.

*Starred Review* Felix Francis, the successor to his late father, Dick, in crafting thrillers set in the British racing world, here brings us three different kinds of racing, all breathtakingly perilous. The first is British steeplechase racing, familiar to all Dick Francis readers. The second is toboggan racing in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The third kind, also taking place in St. Moritz, is horse racing on ice. Competing in all three kinds of daredevil events is a wonderfully complex and compelling hero, Miles Pussett, who gets a break from his inner demons by riding full tilt over racetrack hazards and headfirst down twisting ice chutes. The central mystery here is Miles himself, bedeviled by crippling panic attacks and survivor guilt after the death of his father, a champion steeplechase jockey. Francis juxtaposes scenes of Pussett competing in past steeplechase races against his present-day, near-suicidal toboggan rides, drawing the reader more and more into the mystery of Pussett's downfall. Francis also takes readers behind the scenes, detailing, for example, the complicated logistics of getting horse and rider to the post, as well as the eating disorders and addictions that often plague jockeys trying to maintain their weight. A harrowing subplot connects Pussett's past and present as he tries to right himself. Brilliant all around. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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