Surgeon's Daughter
by Blake, Audrey

"In the 19th century, women rarely study medicine. This means that Nora Beady, the only woman in her medical school, constantly feels like an outsider. And when she is chosen to work with the only female professor to develop the caesarian section, Nora draws the wrath of her male peers and professors. It's a dangerous-and divisive-procedure that could save countless lives and revolutionize women's health. But most doctors think it's too risky, many don't trust the findings of women, and husbands won't let their wives undergo the procedure. Nora knows her work is too important to give up. But when she meets a patient who will die without intervention, everything changes. Failure means proving the male medical establishment right and breaking her oath to do no harm. Everything is at stake: precious lives, Nora's career, and the role women will be allowed to play in medicine"-

History comes to life in the dramatic account of Nora Beady's ascension in the medical world of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-1840s. Picking up right where The Girl in His Shadow (2021) left off, Nora is struggling to find her place as the only female student among Italian doctors. Her informal education under Dr. Horace Croft and alongside Dr. Daniel Gibson goes unrecognized, until she encounters Magdalena Morenco, the only female doctor at the university, who practices a new procedure still considered controversial and dangerous: the cesarean section. Nora witnesses the importance of medical discovery and how her experience with ether can aid Dr. Morenco's. Meanwhile, London continues to batter the brilliant and aging Dr. Croft who awaits Nora's return to his practice, and Dr. Gibson longs for his love to return as well. The depiction of women earning their place amongst the medical community and the everyday concerns of young professionals will appeal to lovers of historical fiction, and the dash of passion and yearning will appeal to romantics. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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