by Lewis, Beverly

Ellie Hostetler loves her family's orchard, her family, and their world. But it's 1970, and the Vietnam War is impacting the deeply religious Amish community. Local hooligans attack young Amish men for not being willing to go to fight; instead, they traditionally apply for conscientious objector status. Ellie's twin brother, Evan, mourning the death of his English (i.e., non-Amish) friend in the war, refuses to take that route and is drafted. Ellie then takes on responsibilities in the orchard and begins to go on double dates with a cousin, soon realizing that one's crush may not turn out to be the right partner. As Ellie realizes who her true love might be, Lewis' tale of the courtship customs in this Amish community offer a different look at this time when mainstream America was experiencing conflict over free love, war protests, and drugs. Best-selling Lewis presents a chaste and gentle romance that is focused as much on family relationships and the community as it is on the hopes of a young couple. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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